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Who We Are

Welcome to PatPat. We're here to make shopping for your kids simple, fun, and stylish. Born in Mountain View, California in 2014, our journey started with an unexpected twist - it was two forward-thinking dads, not moms, who set the wheels in motion. Their vision? To fill a gap they saw in the market for vibrant, versatile children's wear that didn't compromise on style or fun.

Our roots trace back to the tech-driven ethos of Silicon Valley and the academic halls of Carnegie Mellon University. This blend of innovation and practicality is at the core of what we do. Ken Gao, our COO and co-founder, faced a common parental dilemma - finding that perfect blend of practicality and style in kids clothing. This led to the birth of PatPat, with the support of Albert Wang, our CEO and Ken's longtime friend.

At PatPat, we're all about bringing you quality, affordability, and the latest styles in one seamless experience. We specialize in licensed character apparel and adorable family matching sets, but our range doesn't stop there. We offer a diverse selection of children's clothing designed to fit every occasion and every little personality.

We believe in more than just selling clothes. We're about building a community of families who value style, quality, and moments of joy. PatPat is here to ensure that every outfit is an opportunity for your child to express themselves, with the comfort and durability every parent appreciates.

Join the PatPat family today. Let's make every day a little brighter, one outfit at a time.

Our Journey

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Core Products

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Discover Licensed Character Clothing That Brings Magical Stories to Life
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The Largest Selection of Coordinating Outfits for Every Family
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Illuminating Styles for Every Occasion
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Water-Repellent and Stain-Resistant for Carefree Play